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digital-thumb It is vital that your website be simple, engaging and aesthetically pleasing. Is it easy to navigate or easy to get lost? Is the important information presented in a way that the visitor can understand and retain it with ease, or does it frustrate them and cause them to leave the site altogether? These are the crucial elements of a good website, and if you are not careful, your site could be doing more harm than good. learn more →

design-thumb “Keeping it simple” while providing creative solutions to sometimes complex requirements is our key to success. Focusing on needs then wants keeps creativity on track with your overall marketing plan. Spectra Media takes every project as a unique design opportunity. For our clients, we consider ourselves stewards of their brand. When completing a design project we draw on the insight and knowledge of our clients to ensure brand standards are diligently followed. learn more →

branding-thumbA brand is everything about how an organization, product or service is seen by its audience. It is the heart of an organization, and the promise on which it is built. When properly established, your brand, as perceived by your audience, will match your intentions for the brand. The important question is: Did your brand develop by default or did you get branded on purpose? At Spectra Media, all communications projects are treated as brand communication opportunities. learn more → 

marketing-thumb We work in all advertising media, from traditional print and broadcast to new and emerging opportunities online, around town, or wherever your audience spends time. In addition to strategy and execution of advertising campaigns, we also have full-service media planning and buying. learn more →

Robust Hosting and Support Solutions for a flat monthly fee.

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SpectraDealer allows you to easily manage and edit or update your entire inventory directly from the web. Updates made are immediately reflected on your website, so you can edit details on-the-fly in real-time and know that your website is always up-to-date. We provide the power to control multiple inventory databases (ex: New Vehicle Database, Used Vehicle Database) and display them on your website through a variety of tools learn more →

Integrate with Filogix to enable you to update both your MLS profile and your website at the same time. Saving time and ensuring your website stays current. Any data available on Filogix can be connected to your website. Ask us about other listing data that can be integrated such as Open Houses. Our trusted team of experts will make this easy. learn more → 

SpectraTickets fills the needs of businesses and associations that wish to take control of their region’s ticket sales. Using the world’s most popular, open-source CMS platform, WordPress, SpectraTickets delivers unparalleled ease-of-use for both owners and operators, and ticket-purchasing end-users. SpectraTickets, at its core, delivers an extremely robust ticket offering created to manage almost any conceivable need. learn more → 

Mobile, Desktop & Web applications can serve many purposes for your business. Apps can help you to monetize services, boost online sales revenue & grow your brand recognition. We offer a wide range of development/deployment options. Our hard-earned industry experience can guide you to online success. learn more → 

SpectraMedia, headed by Creative Director Chris Comar, is a full service marketing and communications agency that takes pride in empowering each and every one of its clients. Our mission is to realize the valuable, distinguishable brand that exists within every one of its clients, and to captivate the market with that brand.


Spectra’s go to technology for Content Managment Solutions (CMS) is WordPress, the most popular open source CMS website platform. It’s used in 73 million websites and has thousands of plugins to power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces cost and deployment time. The team at Spectra Media has years of experience developing client sites with WordPress and accumulated knowledge and resources to deploy high quality custom websites.

  • It’s the most popular CMS in the world
  • It’s Open Source with room for expansion
  • Highly customizable
  • Designed for anyone, not just developers
  • Lower setup and maintenance cost

    Why WordPress?

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