Apps that add value to your life, and are just good fun too



Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Stand-alone Desktop Apps all have a multitude of uses for your business.

Are you looking to:


Boost revenue with an online marketplace

If you run an e-commerce website: a paired mobile application can help you to reach a broader audience. It can create an ease-to-use purchasing method for your customers. The easier you make it for your customers to shop with you, the more frequently they will shop with you.


Manage it through your existing content management system or website.

We can develop your mobile app to work with your existing website or content management system. You can continue to manage your inventory in one place, with the same interface you’ve always used.


SpectraMedia will help get your App on the market!

We have experience with App market approval processes and we take care of it all. SpectraMedia makes it easy for you to release your mobile apps on the relevant device marketplaces.



Grow your brand

A mobile app can be tied with social media marketing campaigns to give your business a springboard into a wider pool of users.


You can entice new users to follow your business/sign-up for updates

You can create gateways: urge users to sign-up by offering small incentives if they sign-up for/follow/like your page.


Mobile applications can provide an intuitive way for your users to stay up-to-date on the newest deals, news or images. They can even push notifications directly to users’ devices when new content become available.



Get a Prototype

Looking to develop an prototype application for web, mobile or desktop? We can answer your questions and help you design the technology. SpectraMedia can transform your idea into a reality. We invite you to start a dialogue with us →