We work in all advertising media, from traditional print and broadcast to new and emerging opportunities online, around town, or wherever your audience spends time. In addition to strategy and execution of advertising campaigns, we also have full-service media planning and buying

Why market with Us?

Excellence in communication doesn’t happen by accident. It requires knowledge, skill, planning, effective execution and measurement, as well as the engagement of internal and external stakeholders.


Proven over and over again, Spectra’s method of communication management is strategic, planned, and measurable. You might call it a left-brained/right-brained approach, and it combines the insightful and perceptive with the practical and tactical.


Spectra has serious in-house expertise in strategic management, and strong partnerships with industry leaders across the country. We deliver plans and tactics that are on target, on time, and on budget – for both large and small-scale objectives.


Our communication management process includes the following:

ResearchWe draw from existing data and benchmarks, but also design and implement qualitative and quantitative research as required to gain an understanding of audiences and the communications environment.


Issues Identification. Through a collaborative process that combines facilitation with individual research, interviews, and analysis of existing data – we identify and understand the key issues.


Goals and Objectives. Working closely with our clients, we make sure we’re clear on existing objectives. When required, we articulate new goals and objectives that are measurable, achievable, and complementary to operations, programs, and policies.


Message Development. Through group facilitated sessions and individual efforts, we help our clients identify key messages to address objectives. This forms the basis for advertising, public relations, advocacy, and other communication mediums.


Campaign PlanningFor campaigns large and small, our team analyzes and recommends media, budgets, timelines, execution, and deliverables. Project briefs ensure we are spot on with the brand strategy, tone and manner, identity, and key messages.


Tactical Development. During campaign development, testing of concepts fine-tunes tone and delivery. Creative, public relations, and interactive personnel work from a clear understanding of objectives and key messages.


Implementation. Where the rubber hits the road. Whether it’s through public relations, events, advertising, social media, advocacy, partnerships, or a hot air balloon, Spectra has one of the most well-rounded, experienced marketing teams in the Maritimes, ready to deliver.


Evaluation and Measurement. During and after campaigns, both qualitative and quantitative research measures audience recall, perceptions, intentions and behaviors.